Someone in my network just shared this interesting article from the New York Times with me. Check it out at NYT. As I was reading it, I thought wow, we have really been ahead of the curve with what we offer our clients.  We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a collaborative workspace that works for their offices. So what I’d like to do is share how others are envisioning the “new office,” which, technically isn’t really a new concept but one that evolves to meet present space needs.

Just because most companies are  getting away from the old office (4 walls + a door) doesn’t mean we want to make ourselves victims to the “cooler” crowd or “gossip gurus” as they pass our space

No – most of us need/crave privacy just to stay “in the moment” as we work. Constant interruptions cause a lack of productivity like no other. Statistics show that it takes approximately 20 minutes to get back to the level of concentration that we were at before being interrupted. That being the case (and there are many studies to prove so), Modern has worked and will continue to work on improving the concept of “collaborative workspace” but also spaces where an individual can work out of without all the background noise.

I like how the company in this article used the banquette seating to define a peaceful work space. Think “Starbucks” in the office? I just saw seating at a McDonald’s recently that resembled the same idea. Hmmm…if a fast food restaurant deems it more satisfying to a customer then why wouldn’t we look more closely at the concept for our employees? Let’s get talking people!

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