Locker Room Furniture


Locker room furniture is an open-ended idea that allows the creation of multi-purpose spaces around lockers or other storage solutions. We wanted to create locker room furniture that would look stylish and be useful, so we decided to try including a sitting area within a wall of lockers.  We took this concept and turned it into reality! A well-known financial institute wanted to incorporate functional work spaces while adding a working aesthetic to their offices. This office space also includes a custom island with lockers underneath. Innovative locker room furniture created, and no space wasted!






Other ideas that meet today’s space functionality are as simple as garment rods between locker blocks for coats and other items too large to fit inside the locker. Simple locker room furniture ideas allow staff to operate more efficiently without having to go from one area to another.  To take that one step further, we installed a “mud room” concept to the modular casework furniture in the working environment.









Other locker room furniture ideas can be as simple as adding cubbies underneath RFID locker solutions. This allows for shoe storage without taking up precious locker space.

Whatever the furniture concept, Modern Office Systems is constantly expanding the boundaries of today’s storage concepts. We want to give you what works best for your specific environment. Whether that be locker storage or flat files on custom islands, we can help. Give us the opportunity to offer our expertise to your design team, and together, we can create something special. All it takes is a simple idea and some design work before you get the furniture you’ll love!

Libraries are no longer just for reading…

As technology evolves and permeates public and community spaces, libraries are undergoing rapid change. As such, library furniture solutions need to change as well.

Libraries are no longer a placeholder for bookcases and microfiches. Instead, libraries are becoming more of a gathering space for students and the community at large. They hold conference spaces and study rooms, along with a variety of collaborative spaces filled with study carrels and stacks. More importantly, libraries provide the opportunity for people of all ages to gain access to technology, free of charge.

As libraries evolve, companies are providing great incite and innovative ideas for their clients. AGATI is one such company, and it is a leader in the library furniture solutions industry.

In fact, AGATI recently released a blog touching on the change our libraries are facing today and how clients can optimize their space! Two of AGATI’s Design Coordinators, Sanja Kerr and Laura Westervelt , were able to share their approach when helping clients envision and layout newly opened spaces. Flexibility and mobility are both very important for the design.

Additionally, Laura said, “We have the experience and knowledge right at our fingertips, and being able to provide that quickly, with good sense and expertise, is more important now than ever.”

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We know it’s been a while, but we are excited to share a few things with you that caught our attention! First, we have something that will offer you, our client, a measurable return on your investment in a short time! Second, that same thing, will boost efficiency. Does it get any better? Let’s talk about the new solution to an age-old problem – StockBox. 


What is StockBox?

A simple idea comes to life and solves our stocking hassle. StockBox is an inventory management system that uses RFID technology and Kanban methodology. What does that mean? Simply, it means that you no longer have to worry about managing stock if you use this system. You can effectively manage inventory by streamlining materials and eliminating manual counting. Also, StockBox helps you avoid running out of product when you cannot afford to! How can that be? Again, it’s simple!

Click here to see how easy it is to eliminate waste in inventory and gain staff productivity. Moreover, a detailed report will allow supply and procurement managers to adjust purchasing processes accordingly. No more expired stock, and no more wasting precious resources. In simple terms, StockBox is built with these goals in mind: reduce cost and improve process! For example, the health industry is already using StockBox, and it’s helping them tremendously. We are excited to see more industries use this product in the future and reap the benefits.  Better products allow better solutions!

Illustration of FrameWRX set up


Can it get any better? YES! Boost the effectiveness of StockBox by combining it with Spacesaver’s FrameWRX® storage system for the simplest, most flexible, and efficient storage management solution on the market today.


So if you have questions about how any of this works, contact us! We will help you modernize your offices, saving you time and energy.








LogiTag – It’s New to Us!

Modern Office Systems is proud to present a new product line through the partnership of Spacesaver and Logitag USA. We are excited to see what great things this new technology will inspire! But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s discuss. What is this thing we call LogiTag? What does it do, and how does it help?

LogiTag is what’s called a Smart Cabinet, designed for storing, dispensing, and managing high-cost medical devices and supplies. The OR, Pharmacy, and all hospital supply areas use these medical devices and, as such, need help. Right now, every hospital in Israel uses this technology because that is the location of its parent company. But it has been successfully utilized for more than four years all over the world.

LogiTag is the only RFID company with a complete line of products, including Smart Cabinets, Asset Tracking (RTLS), and regular storeroom inventory management.  Many companies in the US have expressed tremendous interest for this product, so LogiTag USA is actively marketing to the US Healthcare Market. Why the interest? Because of LogiTag’s unique non-WiFi-based technology. Can you imagine the positive effect this technology will bring, especially in situations when WiFi is hard to come by? In addition, this product has robust understanding of RFID Technology and hospital, distributer, and billing interface requirements.

Modern Office Systems is excited to present another excellent storage and management solution to our clientele, and we look forward to showing you how this can help your bottom line!

Check out this case study, and call us for a free consultation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

LogiTag with Modern Office Systems – the smart way to manage your supplies.


How do you keep track of your collections storage?

The Evansville Museum of History and Science discovered a long-lost piece of art in their collections storage. It wasn’t just any piece of art – it was Pablo Picasso’s “Seated Woman with Red Hat!” The work was considered lost for decades, and it was only found by a stroke of luck. Museum officials rummaged through the basement, sorting their files, when they stumbled onto this painting. They realized immediately how spectacular it was, and they were right! All of the clues are Picasso’s trademarks, and to make it certain, his signature rests near the top right of the work. Museum Storage Missing Picasso

Now, how could this happen? How could a work by such a famous artist have been so wrongly misplaced? In a museum’s collection storage, no less? A cataloging error occurred following the piece’s donation in 1963. It was believed to be inspired by Picasso but not created by the legend himself. The museum workers at that time credited the painting to someone known as “Gemmail.” But, as it turns out, Gemmail is not an artist’s name; rather, it is the medium used to assemble pieces of glass that later light up with color. “It sparkles like a jewel,” John Streetman, executive director of the Evansville Museum, told The Guardian.

What do you have buried in storage?

It’s important you have a good idea, but we understand there are more pressing matters sometimes than keeping track of your collections storage. So let us help you! You don’t need to know exactly what you keep in storage, but if you have an effective system in place, you won’t need to worry about it. If you’re looking to improve your collections storage area, we can offer a number of solutions. Let us make your life easier!

So call us for a free consultation. Who knows? Maybe together, we’ll discover the next hidden treasure!

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Spacesaver Awarded for Doing Good

DLA Land and Maritime Award of Excellence

Recently, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Land & Maritime Excellence awarded Spacesaver Corporation (SSC) with the silver award! The award recognizes SSC for its exceptional performance in delivering quality storage products to our Armed Forces. By the way, this is the second year in a row that this storage company has received this prestigious award.

Spacesaver partners with the DLA, which is America’s combat logistics agency for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and other federal agencies. Spacesaver provides military storage solutions in the USA. Recently, some of the created military applications include weapon racks, mobile shelving, and secure optic storage.

Accepting the award on behalf of Spacesaver was Matt Tourdot, Spacesaver’sVice President of Government Business. Presenting the award was DLA’s Land and Maritime Commander Army Brigade General, Darrel Williams.

The DLA Land & Maritime Excellence award is based upon vendor performance, which is calculated and translated into a numeric score ranging from zero to 100.  There are three levels of consideration of an award. A score of 100 receives a