Imagine if we could just put life on hold. If we could stop high school from ending, never have to leave the college campus and our friends. How sweet would life be? But then we wouldn’t get to see the grass grow in any other field.

As a teenager, I did not make a conscious decision to move to America or work for a company that sells high density mobile storage or mailroom furniture. I did not think I’d be working to create storage solutions. In fact, after more than twenty years, I still find it difficult to succinctly describe what I do. So, when someone asks, my standard response still sounds like “Em, well it’s not glamorous, but we sell shelving!” Then I have to remind myself that it’s a lot more than just shelving. Or storage solutions. 

It might sound crazy, but I gain satisfaction in being able to reorganize someone’s environment with better storage solutions.  I was never going to be an American Idol but being able to supply products that are LEED certified, environmentally sustainable, and just plain good looking…isn’t half bad either! Also, I believe that each country should support its workers. Having the majority of our products made in the USA makes me proud of how we do business.

As the country continues to go through changes, we as individuals need to decide for ourselves what change means to us. For me, it doesn’t have to be glamorous, but it sure should be satisfying.

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