The Evansville Museum of History and Science discovered a long-lost piece of art in their collections storage. It wasn’t just any piece of art – it was Pablo Picasso’s “Seated Woman with Red Hat!” The work was considered lost for decades, and it was only found by a stroke of luck. Museum officials rummaged through the basement, sorting their files, when they stumbled onto this painting. They realized immediately how spectacular it was, and they were right! All of the clues are Picasso’s trademarks, and to make it certain, his signature rests near the top right of the work. Museum Storage Missing Picasso

Now, how could this happen? How could a work by such a famous artist have been so wrongly misplaced? In a museum’s collection storage, no less? A cataloging error occurred following the piece’s donation in 1963. It was believed to be inspired by Picasso but not created by the legend himself. The museum workers at that time credited the painting to someone known as “Gemmail.” But, as it turns out, Gemmail is not an artist’s name; rather, it is the medium used to assemble pieces of glass that later light up with color. “It sparkles like a jewel,” John Streetman, executive director of the Evansville Museum, told The Guardian.

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