As technology evolves and permeates public and community spaces, libraries are undergoing rapid change. As such, library furniture solutions need to change as well.

Libraries are no longer a placeholder for bookcases and microfiches. Instead, libraries are becoming more of a gathering space for students and the community at large. They hold conference spaces and study rooms, along with a variety of collaborative spaces filled with study carrels and stacks. More importantly, libraries provide the opportunity for people of all ages to gain access to technology, free of charge.

As libraries evolve, companies are providing great incite and innovative ideas for their clients. AGATI is one such company, and it is a leader in the library furniture solutions industry.

In fact, AGATI recently released a blog touching on the change our libraries are facing today and how clients can optimize their space! Two of AGATI’s Design Coordinators, Sanja Kerr and Laura Westervelt , were able to share their approach when helping clients envision and layout newly opened spaces. Flexibility and mobility are both very important for the design.

Additionally, Laura said, “We have the experience and knowledge right at our fingertips, and being able to provide that quickly, with good sense and expertise, is more important now than ever.”

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