Locker room furniture is an open-ended idea that allows the creation of multi-purpose spaces around lockers or other storage solutions. We wanted to create locker room furniture that would look stylish and be useful, so we decided to try including a sitting area within a wall of lockers.  We took this concept and turned it into reality! A well-known financial institute wanted to incorporate functional work spaces while adding a working aesthetic to their offices. This office space also includes a custom island with lockers underneath. Innovative locker room furniture created, and no space wasted!






Other ideas that meet today’s space functionality are as simple as garment rods between locker blocks for coats and other items too large to fit inside the locker. Simple locker room furniture ideas allow staff to operate more efficiently without having to go from one area to another.  To take that one step further, we installed a “mud room” concept to the modular casework furniture in the working environment.









Other locker room furniture ideas can be as simple as adding cubbies underneath RFID locker solutions. This allows for shoe storage without taking up precious locker space.

Whatever the furniture concept, Modern Office Systems is constantly expanding the boundaries of today’s storage concepts. We want to give you what works best for your specific environment. Whether that be locker storage or flat files on custom islands, we can help. Give us the opportunity to offer our expertise to your design team, and together, we can create something special. All it takes is a simple idea and some design work before you get the furniture you’ll love!

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