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Pharmacy inventory with FrameWRXLogiTag Announces Partnership With Storage Specialist Spacesaver Corporation

We are excited to talk about LogiTag Systems, Inc. new partnership with the American Company Spacesaver Corporation! Spacesaver, an employee-owned subsidiary of KI Industries, is a world leader in storage solutions for a variety of industries! Some of those industries include Education, Military, Museum, Public Safety, Industrial, and Healthcare Storage.

Spacesaver’s expertise in storage solutions and LogiTag’s state-of-the-art RFID technology open up a lot of innovative opportunities. Modern Office Systems looks forward to educating our consumer on this ideal product! This is perfect for the clients looking for efficient storage solutions using technology. With these new products, you can maximize lean storage, distribution, and traceability practices.

The VP of Business Development for LogiTag Systems, Inc. in North America says, “The Healthcare Industry is struggling with the rising cost of supplies and operational expenses which are predicted to increase dramatically in the next several years and beyond.  LogiTag’s StockBox, Smart Cabinet and LogiTrack Systems allow every aspect of the industry, including the manufacturer, distributor, provider and the patient, to benefit directly from our technology.”

“Spacesaver is extremely excited to offer LogiTag products alongside our Spacesaver storage solutions. Working together, our solutions will free up healthcare staff so they can spend more time with patients and less time searching for supplies. Our distributors now have access to complimentary products, which will simplify their healthcare customers’ processes and make an immediate impact to their organizations,” said Jason Freeman, Vice President of Commercial Business at Spacesaver.

The LogiTag – Spacesaver relationship will initially focus on the Healthcare Industry. However, we anticipate future opportunities to leverage both companies’ expertise in all of Spacesaver’s markets. LogiTag is pleased to add this relationship to their list of partners and customers that already include many great companies. Some of those companies are Intel, GE Healthcare, HP, Coca-Cola, Teva Pharmaceuticals and others.

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Color me Fall!

I will openly admit that I’m a little odd (for many reasons). But only one of these reasons is that I am not a fan of Summer. I am a lover of the “new beginnings” concept that comes with Spring. I wait, with baited breath, for the deep, fragrant air of Fall that comes with no more air conditioning or crowded beaches. Already, I feel the gentle stirring of the season’s change and that got me thinking about creative storage solutions.

Within weeks, the northeast will be teaming with reds and browns, and people pay dearly to travel to the region to relax in the beauty of it all.  And that made me think of all the color choices you havseating, shelving, public library storage e when deciding on a creative storage solution. I am also certainly not a fan of industrial grey in an office or general working environment. No matter what office environment you work in (or for whom you work), we all want to feel comfortable where we work. So why pick a boring grey or institutional green when planning a new office or reconfiguring an older storage area? Our cabinets, high density mobile storage, shelving and modular furniture come in such wonderful colors and designs that you will feel very much at home even when you’re not!

When you design a working environment that appeals to your staff, you also gain productivity. It’s a fact! People who are hlobby furniture, seating, waiting rooms, commercial office furnitureappy work better! Creating a work space that is functional, practical, and aesthetically pleasing will enhance productivity, creativity, and reduce mistakes. It will also make you stand out against the competition. What better statement to make about your business than offer clients a welcoming place to visit?

So get creative! Check out some of our brochures for great ideas! And start breathing in the fresh air of ingenuity and creative storage solutions.Beautiful finishes can open the door to new way of doing business!


k-12 lockers personal lockers


Museum Storage For 3D, Flat Objects & Archival Materials

Going, going but never gone!

That’s what history is all about! Museums are where we go to look back in time and, if we have the foresight, forward to the future. We recently helped a client with their museum storage needs. The Cooper Hewitt  museum promotes the necessity of design and its impact on the past, present, and future.  Modern Office Systems, LLC provided and installed the compact storage systems at their new offsite storage facility. What a delight it was!

Working directly with the user groups, we were able to design the systems to the specific needs of each curatorial department.  We were also able to incorporate a combination of new and existing Spacesaver shelving, Delta museum cabinets, Penco wide span, and Metro wire shelving on the Spacesaver mechanically operated carriages.

In addition to housing their large collection of 3D objects and library books, the facility also has a state-of-the-art conservation laboratory. Their needs varied, and the museum personnel helped throughout the project.

All of our collaboration resulted in a museum storage system perfect for this museum! The system houses all objects and media, making sure it’s visually easy and safe for researchers to use.

Another very important factor  – the return on investment, which was covered almost immediately! We saved the museum funds by incorporating existing product with new product. Also, we cut down the square footage they needed to rent in a climate-controlled facility that also gives them 24/7 security.

If you want to know more about this project and other museum storage options, please call us today! We can’t wait to answer your questions.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s needs storage solutions!

At Modern Office Systems, we are all about giving our clients the best possible storage solutions to suit their environment. For example, when you think of Tiffany’s, what comes to mind?  Shelving? Modular Caseworks? Mailrooms? I don’t think so! In fact, when I think of Tiffany’s, I’m usually dreaming of a little blue box with something wonderful and shiney inside. And of course the classic movie with Audrey Hepburn! But I’m definitely not thinking about their storage needs.

Still, if you were to start thinking about it, you would realize that this world renowned business somehow needs to store all their expensive merchandise and more.  They would need display shelves or inventory shelving, and mailroom furniture for all the mail that comes and goes. Don’t forget about the multiple pantry and coffee areas that could use quality modular caseworks or cleaning closets that require storage shelving. Getting the picture?

Each business has different needs, but Modern Office Systems can supply your storage environment with high density systems, modular casework and furniture that will make life so much easier!

After more than 29 years, we can proudly stand behind our storage solutions just like those used behind the scenes at an established company like Tiffany’s.  We can modify your space to fit more of what you need into it! We can design a new space to incorporate all the storage solutions that will allow you to access your files/products more efficiently. But most of all, we can save you money long term by using products that cut your square footage requirements, or utilize all of what you already have!  

So what are you waiting for? Call us now for a free consultation. Learn how we can best meet your needs!

Educational Storage Solutions

Today’s news is just full of doom and gloom about education and the lack of funding for quality teachers, instruction materials, equipment and anything that could benefit the learning process. So it might seem slightly indelicate of me to write about spending money on educational storage solutions. However, it is exactly during the hard times that a small investment made on the right choices can net the best long term benefit.

For example, when I grew up there were no computers in school. But today, every school from K-12 is supposed to have, not only computers,  but smartboards, musical instruments, science labs, libraries, sports equipment etc available for all students. This often has to happen in older buildings that are already bursting at the seams trying to house growing student bodies. On top of that, the return on investment (ROI) for materials/equipment purchased is often diminished due to lack of maintenance. People toss instruments around, athletic equipment disappears, and delicate lab equipment breaks due to lack of proper storage. Outdated library furniture cannot store the books required or house the computers needed for teaching purposes.

Rethink your educational storage solution