ADA Compliant Reception Areas

Until recently, I personally never worried about ADA guidelines or compliancy. In my everyday life, I could walk to the park, run to catch the train, lift the heavy dishes in the kitchen, lift up the heavy child who started to cry…you get the picture. Well, that was until I had a little accident and hurt my foot. Having tripped over a “handicap ramp” (no lie!), I have spent more than six weeks unable to drive, unable to sleep due to nerve damage. I find myself struggling to navigate my way through my regular daily commute from suburbia to the city.

I notice that elevators are in short supply, tempers are just plain short (hey Lady, move outta da way). Also, I have to work harder simply to function on the same level as my colleagues. My temporary setback has given me a permanent insight into the needs of others around me. I am impressed how much our products have grown to meet that need. It isn’t just good business or aesthetically cool; there is a community that relies on our innovative technology to meet their daily requirements.

Modular Caseworks Patient Rooms with Floating Table
ADA Compliant Wardrope


I am proud that we work with vendors who strive to supply furniture and shelving solutions that enable people with disabilities to participate more fully in everyday tasks.  Let’s keep the conversation going! Call us if you have questions, or if you would like to make your spaces more manageable for people with disabilities.

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