A Modern Showroom

Häfele America Co., a manufacturer and distributor of upscale residential and commercial hardware displays their latest designs in the jewelry box of mobile shelving.

Expanding Product Lines but Less Space

Häfele moved to a new showroom in Manhattan to showcase their innovative fittings, slides and other products. The situation presented a challenge: the new space would be smaller than the previous showroom, yet the company’s product lines were expanding and more product needed to be displayed.

The Jewel Box of Storage

Using a high-density storage system would give Häfele more surfaces to display their product. Modern started playing around with the idea of modifying a storage system to make it almost like a jewelry box. We wanted to create something that would display products as well as store them.

Think hardware store meets a Tiffany display case. It would take their hardware to a whole new level.

Movable Display Walls

Creating Custom Display Spaces

Hafele America, Co.

When the system is opened, every aisle showcases different types of hardware; from LED lighting to functional hardware like drawer slides. Wayfinder icons on the end panels convey the theme of each aisle, and the aisles feature display space at eye level and drawers below for storage.

The client is thrilled with the system too. “It’s transformative,” Bengtson said. “You can be standing in one aisle, talking about small items like hinges, and then you simply press a button and walk two feet over and you’re talking about massive sliding architectural hardware. This system is a key element in our showroom, providing us the flexibility for transforming our space.”

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