School Storage Solutions

Demand School Storage Solutions and Furniture that Adapts

Educational facilities deal with continually changing environments. For example University, College and Public Libraries trended for many years toward stationary book stack storage but now the call is to compact mobile storage in these traditional library settings. Today’s school storage solutions incorporate high density shelving, casework and lockers to provide the right balance.

Why is compact storage shelving more important in educational library settings than before?

Because in today’s society, a public or private library is not just a place to retrieve books. Today’s libraries provide safe spaces for students to collaborate, or for part time academics to work without intrusion.  As such, it is even a place for retirees to meet and gain access to free internet. Get rid of stacks and provide high density mobile storage to create more footprint for soft seating and work carrels.  Also, collaborative work spaces and genius bars allow computer work with free WiFi for those of all status. That’s just a great use of both public and private library facilities.

But that’s only libraries. More strategic work-spaces for all departments are required.  Students working in laboratories and classrooms can have access to better equipment and furniture that allows them to function more efficiently. Providing modular casework solutions creates adaptable and reconfigurable spaces. Laboratories, classrooms and even school medical exam rooms benefit.  Bottom line, no matter the requirement, our focus is to provide warrantied storage solutions that work for an ever changing education environment.