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Whatever the need: evidence lockers, weapons storage or personal public safety, lockers are an important and integral part of law enforcement security and storage requirements.

Weapons Racks

Weapons storage is a challenge for most public safety officers whether you are part of the police department, military, federal government or any other law enforcement agency. Our job is to supply you with pistol racks or high powered rifle storage options that are practical and secure.

Spacesaver’s universal weapons racks storage systems can be customized to house all types of weapons from the smallest to the largest.

Weapons Storage

The storage of military weapons requires lockers that are both functional and secure.

Many pistol storage bins and weapons storage racks need to be portable for easy transport. Modern Office Systems has access to the most advanced weapons storage rack systems that allow for easily transferable procedures to different military bases or military outposts as required. The advantages of having a weapons rack that is secure, adjustable and portable hits all the weapons storage needs. The Universal Weapons Rack solution proves that a weapons storage container does not have to be a cabinet but can be a unit easily moved or stored on mobile shelving storage systems for a more secure and functional option.

Government organizations and public safety offices that require gun lockers have to implement extra security measures to house these weapons. The weapons stored may be required in a department that houses evidence in ongoing cases. That is why, as well as the Universal Weapon’s Rack, we also offer top of the line evidence lockers and personal public safety lockers for the gun that needs to be stored during “off” time or the gun that is evidence and cannot get contaminated while getting from one department to another. Of course the same thing goes for all types of evidence, no matter how sensitive.