Locker Solutions for the Healthcare Community

Locker Solutions that Cover All Your Needs

Let’s begin with the fact that locker solutions in the Healthcare industry do not necessarily need to be sterile. Subsequently, there is no need for a one size fits all scenario. Our full range of locker solutions, from locker room storage to corridor lockers and day use nursing station lockers, can alleviate space issues and create a secure environment for personal property and boost moral.

Today’s eclectic market requires a better designed and aesthetically pleasing locker. Although the original industrial locker was one size fits all, that does not work anymore. As such, the increased use of Day-Use Lockers and functional applications within a locker require thought.  To that end, we provide may styles with many options to suit the specific environment.

Our lockers adhere to ADA regulations and we can provide details within the locker that suit today’s needs including internal charging stations for mobile phones and other devices. Particularly notable is that multiple sizes are often incorporated in one bank of lockers. RFID locks can be incorporated into a locker system to provide higher security. Also, this provides better management throughout the hospital network. Check out some locker installations in our locker gallery.



Call today for a free consultation and design assistance. We want to provide a locker storage solution that works for your environment.