Modular Casework Storage

Manufactured Casework Solutions may be a new concept but add the word “modular” and you’ll see what we see…

a solution to all your millwork needs with the added benefit of flexibility!

Before Modular Casework Storage, there was fixed millwork. As a rule, most businesses didn’t think about growth when planning a new space. Therefore, the storage solutions were usually built around existing needs and not the future. But now, we know more! For instance, ready to install modular manufactured caseworks solutions allow for adjustability and growth. It also allows for product relocation if necessary. So what else makes the modular casework product worth using?


  1. Lifetime Warranty / Hamilton Sorter 40 years manufacturing
  2. Easily reconfigured or expanded
  3. Finished interior & exterior surfaces; no raw edges. (Precision computer driven design and manufacturing; extensive CAD archive of pre-engineered components)
  4. All units are independent components allowing modularity – ships ready to install.
  5. Rail system for hanging cabinets assure precise alignment
  6. Pin and cam construction – stronger than other fastening methods.
  7. All laminate construction allows casework to be sized and easily modified to provide wall to wall fit at no additional cost
  8. Recognized as furniture which allows 7 year depreciation
  9. No raw edges or exposed framing where spills can nest – allows for easy cleaning.
  10. GREENGUARD CERTIFIEDis your millwork?

We can give you a custom solution that will pay for itself overtime and allow you to grow in the future! Call for your free consultation.