Sterile Supply Solutions


In the ever increasing world of drug resistant bacteria, the search for new methods of combating diseases has been a central focus of hospital staff and administrators.  Every day the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO) are working hard to eradicate diseases.  Finding ways to better protect our societies from the spread of new and existing viruses is their focus. To that end, every hospital develops and implements protocols to combat outbreaks in their facilities.

Increase Efficiency, Cleanliness and Cost

We offer products that allow for increased bacteria resistance and less handling of sterile supplies Increased efficiency and cost effectiveness are also major factors. Some solutions include our casework designs, steel shelving and high density storage solutions.  Central Sterile Supply areas are traditionally stored in rooms that utilize wire shelving.  The idea is to cut down on dust collection. Also, steel cabinets and carts allow for removal of supplies to other departments.  Wire shelving can be housed on high density mobile systems. Another great option is stationary shelving with the FrameWRX Storage System.

 A properly thought out central sterile supply storage system can enable quick, easy access to supplies throughout a healthcare facility. By utilizing color coding systems and compact shelving in central supply storage areas with the FrameWRX Storage System, facilities can streamline operations allowing a decrease in staff, inventory costs, and most importantly, wasted time especially for nursing staff who need every available moment for direct patient care.
Stainless steel open wire shelving offers essential benefits.  For example, it allows for free circulation of air and greater visibility of stored items. It maximizes light penetration and increases efficiency of fire suppression systems versus solid shelf construction.
From sterile needle and catheter storage through larger sterile operating room packs, we can provide a solution that works for your environment. Call Modern Office Systems’ healthcare specialists to get a better understanding of what you can accomplish at your healthcare facility.