Hospital Bed Management with The BedLift

When it comes to running a successful health care facility, it’s important to make the best use of all available space. From exam to inpatient rooms, efficient space use is a must. Hospital Bed Storage is one easy answer.

Vertical Hospital Bed Storage is one of Today’s Easy Solutions

Vidir (Vertical Storage System) is here to take space optimization to the max. By using the BedLift product, your health care center can enjoy an effective way to store hospital beds. This product makes it simple to both store and retrieve the beds when patients are in need of them.
What’s best is that multiple beds can be stored in a way that it takes up only a slightly larger amount of space.  Considering most health care facilities face a bed storage, access to available beds is critical. Bedlift ensures less damaged while being stored.

Do You Have a Better Solution?

That is why the BedLift product is perfect for saving space and delivering better protection to patients waiting for hospital beds! How? Take a minute to look at this simple concept.

Hospital bed storage becomes a simple concept with this product. As a  result of Bedlift, multiple beds are stored in only a slightly bigger footprint than one bed storage. Did you know that there is a huge shortage of beds in hospitals? As a result, when an average of 10% are out for maintenance on any given day, this product will allow better access to maintained beds quickly. It will also allow for better maintenance management, and guarantee that a hospital is following the law by complying to all TJC (The Joint Commission) guidelines required for hospital bed maintenance and storage.

How Does BedLift Optimize Space Efficiency?

By using vertical technology, you can store your hospital beds on top of one another. This helps provide you with more floor space. Subsequently, it also offers storage in a safe and secure manner. The BedLift uses motorized technology to lift and store the beds into their storage spaces. The beds can even be stacked all the way to ceiling if need be.

Finally, it is imperative that proper planning and installation take place when using the BedLift product. If you would like to take advantage of centralized storage space for your hospital beds, the BedLift by Vidir is the product you’ve been looking for.