Mobile Storage Solution that works for your environment

Tired of getting the same storage solution as the guy next door? Mobile storage allows for a flexible option. Compared to stationary shelving, you can either double your capacity or reduce your footprint by half in the same space.

Mobile Storage Solutions

Generally, the perception of high density is for use in files or box storage. Compared to stationary shelving though, it is extremely versatile. For example, you can store golf clubs to guns. Together with rental space savings, the versatility of the product line allows for out of the box thinking.

Why is compact storage shelving more important in educational library settings than before?

Using mobile storage is one way to save space and money. Because of the simple concept of high density movable shelving, you can either save space or double capacity. How does work? Compared to stationary shelving, you are using one aisle space instead of multiple. As a result, space can be doubled or square footage can be reduced. In large cities like New York City, either option creates huge savings.