Archaeology Storage

Preserve and Protect your Artifact Storage

Archaeology Storage Needs to be based on Your Collection

There’s no telling what artifacts will make up an archaeological assemblage. However, you can confidently preserve and protect all of your Archaeology Storage with our storage shelving solutions. For small objects we offer archaeology storage cabinets and shelves that can accommodate any size of drawers, dividers, and trays.  First of all, your mission is to preserve and protect the objects entrusted to your care.

Our mission is to help you do that successfully. While helping you with this, we will recommend better ways to lower risk management. Also create storage that allows for community and optimizes available and existing space. We are also aware of budget limitations in the museum arena and will do everything we can to help you stretch your budget to get the best possible storage solutions for your environment.

Look at our museum cabinets and all they have to offer including slow air exchanges, protection against light and pests, capability to shed water in the event of a sprinkler or flood situation and the ability to buffer changes in T/Rh. Also, our high density storage systems offer great options for all museum artifacts including open shelving, closed cabinets on mobile carriages or even flat files with closed doors.