Archive Storage


What does “Archival Storage” really mean?

The term “archival storage” is reserved for the method of retaining information outside of the internal memory of a computer.  Although artifacts and archival media already have a place in history, our storage solutions make sure they will have a place in the future. Safeguard important papers and other media for future generations using solutions that provide security and adaptability. We can also guide you through preservation tactics. No matter your environment, we have a archival storage system that will work for your specific needs.

Combining Viking Cabinets and Spacesaver mobile storage creates a system that will store materials securely.  Furthermore, there will still be enough space for researchers to comfortably access collections. Viking can also provide drawers that can match existing.  This is a viable option that saves money and allows for future growth of a collection. By using Spacesaver High Density, we automatically eliminate idle aisle space. And that’s just the beginning!


If you are creating an archival storage space, you will love our museum grade shelving solutions. They are the perfect place to store and conserve historical artifacts and pieces of art as well as textiles, scientific specimens, and much more.

Thanks to the use of flexible computerized manufacturing technology, our systems can be individually designed so that you get the best design and construction for your unique space. Our custom designed system meets the needs of your unique collection as well as your budget.