Art Storage

The artwork hanging arrangement is limitless … especially where floor space is not.

Our company is dedicated to providing mobile shelving and compact storage solutions for diversified businesses. Art storage is one of those specialties.  We pride ourselves in knowing we can accommodate the art you need to store in an efficient, aesthetically pleasing storage solution.  Whatever your storing needs are, we are sure to have the solution for you.

Custom Art Storage

We provide custom art storage (click here for a Rolling Art Rack Rendition by MOS ) for both public and private facilities. We can accommodate storage systems of multiple sizes and types.  If you are an Art Gallery that needs to display works or an art curator that needs to archive artwork, we can help! As such, our art rack systems offer easy operation and provide an efficient way to store, organize, and display collections. While competitors offer limited choices, we offer Wall-Mounted Art Rack, Lateral Art Rack, Carriage-Mounted Art Rack, Floor-Supported Art Rack, Ceiling-Supported Pull-Out Art Rack, and Modular Pull-Out Art Rack. Install systems on top of existing floors or plan into new construction. And all of our products are engineered and manufactured here in the USA.


To house paintings for museum storage, business storage or even home storage, Art storage systems are an excellent option. For all other types of art, from books to textiles to maps, we can utilize shelving or cabinet storage systems. Even if it’s a collection of antique guns, we have racks for weapon storage that can be placed on high-density filing systems for better storage capacity. Each of our art storage systems comes installed with safety features that prevent theft and limit exposure that can harm your precious belongings.


The Hang-Glider Pro is a ceiling suspended pull-out storage panel that provides space-efficient protection for hanging art.  Check out the Ceiling Supported Storage Panel information sheet for more details. Suspended art rack systems provide vibration dampening, sway prevention and a smooth guidance system that eliminates any jarring of the mobile rack when moving.  A single polyurethane tracking wheel at the leading edge of each rack provides guidance, eliminating the need for rails.

Finally, sometimes budgets and engineering concerns are going to be huge deciding factors. What option works best for you?  Because we offer many choices to suit your art storage needs, you will find the storage solution that is perfect. The Art Racks Six Diverse Options is our conversation starter to your storage solution. Saving you both time and money without forfeiting quality is our ultimate goal.  Contact us today for more information. Architects and General Contractors welcome!

Look to any combination for a comprehensive, reliable art storage solution that matches both the storage footprint and the characteristics of the collection – protecting it indefinitely.

Call us now for a free consultation.  Your collection will thank you!