Mammalogy Specimen Storage

Preserve Mammal Specimens and ensure their availability for future generations

Mammalogy Specimen Storage options are designed to work with your specific collection; protect, preserve and store efficiently.

To begin with, Secure Museum specimens in an environment that will maintain their viability for generations to come is what all curators look for.  Offering varying storage solutions to preserve specimens, whether large mammal like structures or much smaller bones, is our first goal. Every museum must be able to adapt to changing finds and collections as they become available.  Mobile Storage can offer such flexibility with shelving and museum cabinets that can hold every shape and size collection and be configured to suit the museum’s unique storage requirements. As museum curators change out their exhibits, the manpower required is significant. However, if the Mammalogy Specimen Storage options are simple, it will make cataloguing much easier .  Mobile storage solutions reduce the work and keep your pieces safe no matter whether they are on display or in storage.

Museum-grade Cabinets are One Solution

What is the difference between regular storage requirements and what we refer to as museum-grade storage? A museum will house specimens, whether mammal, wet or inanimate objects that usually need to be preserved with special environmental sustainability solutions. One solution could be hiberium cabinets that allows for secure protection. As a result of using specialized cabinetry, specimens will be safeguarded from the elements including light, dust, water and any type of rodent infestation.

The best way to help you solve your storage issues is to give us a call. We know Museums and look forward to easing your workload with viable, working storage solutions for all your museum storage needs.