Paleontology Storage

Paleontology is the study of the developing history of life on earth! Now who would want to mess with that?

Paleontology Storage Solutions that Protect while Showcasing

We design systems to protect extremely rare and invaluable discoveries of any size and dimension. Save on space and protect your collection by letting us develop a custom solution that will meet your present needs or grow with future discoveries.  One solution for Paleontology Storage might include artifact and map storage by using High Density Mobile Shelving (equipped with a host of specially designed features to create the safest of fragile storage) or museum grade cabinets (to provide unparalleled protection).  The video below is a retrospect of the wonderful American Museum of Natural History, hosted by Tom Brokaw and provided to the public by Channel Thirteen public television. It portrays what is so important for us to protect and why…(enjoy)

We should not forget about the behind the scenes office space that an academic needs to sort through their research and Office caseworkspaperwork. We offer an array of modular casework solutions that can grow with any demanding environment or change depending on your needs. To that end we also offer filing and conversion services to assist in your paper management.

LabNo matter your need in storing art or artifacts that mean so much to so many, we can help you realize that goal .Call for a free consultation. Your Collection is worth it!