Rare Books Archiving

Rare Books Archiving

A rare book is more than just another piece of bound material. It’s a piece of history, a snapshot of one person’s thoughts and feelings during a particular era…and, that’s just the words. The bindings, illustrations, end papers and spines of a rare book can be just as beautiful as the text. Rare books archiving is extremely important to our future so we don’t forget our past. Understanding the nostalgia and sentiment that goes along with collecting rare books helps keep us focused on the best way to preserve them. Especially tailored to preserve and protect these irreplaceable tomes, our archival storage solutions .

Rare Book Storage Options

  • High Density Mobile Shelving Systems — These mobile shelving units allow you to securely store your rare books in protective shelving units that keep out dust and light–two traditional enemies of the printed page. Our high density shelving units are not only protective, but they are attractive and efficient, holding many more books per square foot than traditional shelving units. Plus, you can change the configuration as your collection grows.
  • Hermetically Sealed Cabinets (with optional glass) — Our hermetically sealed cabinets protect your books from dust, light, humidity, smoke and other enemies of paper collections.  These cabinets allow you to still view the books through the glass doors. Around the world, museums are utilizing these cabinets to preserve their printed archives.

We offer solutions that help prevent books from getting damaged by water in case of a fire or flood. Link existing storage systems to our shelving systems creating a safer solution.

To learn more about how our rare book storage solutions can preserve your collection for the enjoyment of future generations, call us at 877 507-2757 for a free consultation. Your books will thank you.