Specimen Storage

Wet-Collection Storage Solutions keep fluid-preserved specimens safe and secure…

Keep your museum specimens secure in one of our many storage systems that can house your fluid-preserved specimens. We offer a variety of options, no matter the size, shape of amount of jars/bottles/containers you need stored.

We understand that every museum has it’s own unique wet collection and storage needs, so we are proud to offer numerous solutions that are adaptable to your situation.  Some of our solutions include:

Mobile Storage

Most museums frequently change out their exhibits, a task that consumes large amounts of time and manpower. Mobile storage solutions reduce the work and keep your pieces safe no matter whethere they are on display or in storage.

Four Post Stationary Shelving

This shelving is excellent for an environment that requires open stacks with permanent aisle space. Shelving can be equipped with drawers that can be locked, bins, pull out shelves or open shelving.

Wide span shelving

Wide span shelving is perfect for larger specimens and objects. Bulk storage or larger museum pieces can be stored in a back area until needed for display.


Your museum’s collections require appropriate housing whether during a display period or holding period. By offering high quality hiberium cabinets, shelves, drawer storage and rack systems to protect your artifacts, specimens and collections of all sizes, we can offer you the solution that works for your environment. There is no “one size fits all” solution when we are talking about museum storage.

Protection, growth and organization is what we can offer. Call for a free consultation. Your Collection will thank you!