Textile Storage

Carpets, Rugs, Museum Grade Artifacts…what do you need to store?

Ranging in size and shape from 40-100 yards bolts of fabric to small squares of material used by furniture manufacturers or designers, textile storage is not a one size fits all solution. The question is how to store that much fabric or textiles efficiently and cost effectively.

Textile Storage Solutions for the Long Term

For museum grade artifacts, we recommend using flat file drawers on high density storage systems creating  space saving solutions. As a result, you can keep your textiles protected. Also recommended are larger lateral file drawers on a high density storage system that will provide more space for rolled textiles storage. Additional options can be to use our racking systems to store large bolts while saving half the space. If you think about the concept behind mobile storage, it is really very simple. Our ActivRak mobile storage systems are perfect for back of house type storage. This ActivRak system can help you store more and your inventory will be easier to manage too.  Also, our adjustable cantilever textile racks are perfectly suited for rolled textile storage – including but not limited to rug, wall-hanging and flag storage.

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There are so many options…call for a free consultation. Your Collection is worth it!