What do you think of when you hear the word “cabinet”? In the office and commercial environment, cabinets simply mean storage. So what are your office storage needs? Very few products come close to the usefulness that a file cabinet can provide. There are many variations of commercial and office filing cabinets, even cabinets that cover public safety issues and museum storage. The following is a short description of some business file cabinets that can organize your business:

Office Cabinets

Our mobile cabinet can be used in a variety of environments including museum, office or warehouse settings.  If you need to store office supplies, tapes, multi-media or regular paper files, the optional adjustable bottom dividers will keep your contents organized and manageable.  A records management consultation can help you decide what works best in your office environment.

Rotary Filing Cabinets

These types of rotating file cabinets rotate allowing access to both sides of a file drawer without using up the additional lateral space, and will provide more storage capacity than traditional drawer files.  Versatility is the benefit you receive from rotary file cabinets because they are great filing solutions which offer many customizable options. Our office cabinets can store tapes, CD ROMS, hanging files, end tab files, binders and more.  Some rotary cabinet options include:

  • Drawers which rollout and are fitted for hanging files
  • Dividers
  • Drawers configured for CD ROMS & other multi-media products
  • Security drawers
  • Reference shelves

End Tab Filing Cabinets

End tab filing cabinets are secure, functional and clean.  They will provide you with the opportunity to save space which you would have otherwise wasted with traditional drawer files. Ease of filing is a key with end tab cabinets.  The end tab file cabinet for office usage is also referred to as an open shelf filing system, based on color coding.  Many of these open shelf file cabinets can be seen in doctors, dental, government, veterinary, and medical offices. These cabinets can offer you the following benefits:

  • Eliminate misfiled or lost records
  • Uses less space
  • Improve workplace productivity

Museum Cabinets

Herbarium cabinets, custom designed and professionally manufactured cabinets that are made to your museum storage needs. No matter the storage requirements, whether it is textiles, historical artifacts, art, specimens or archival books, we have you covered. We offer:

  • Custom design
  • Professional manufacturing and quality assurance
  • Certified installation of quality museum storage equipment

File Cabinets Office

Modern, computerized, flexible manufacturing technology makes it possible for Spacesaver and Delta to custom design and fabricate most projects at a unit price equal to or better than traditional mass produced “stock” equipment. This means that we can design your equipment to meet the specific needs of your collection, staff, facility, schedule and budget.

For more information, please call us at our convenient New York City location.  We service businesses in the NY and Northern New Jersey region.