High Density Mobile Storage Systems

What is High Density Storage?

It is the simple concept of storing more in less space. Regular shelving, think stationary library shelving, is a fixed shelf option allowing for multiple aisle spaces in a fixed space. It is a fixed square footage option that does not allow for easy reconfiguration. However, as your business expands, how do you accommodate growth?

High Density storage shelving systems are the answer. By placing shelving, cabinets or any other type of media on a carriage and rail system, you immediately eliminate multiple aisle space and gain almost double the space within the same footprint, immediately increasing productivity, storage capacity and savings by not requiring additional office space.

Space is limited, time is money and security is vital!

These defining factors in storage systems are why Modern Office Systems represents Spacesaver, the leading innovator in file storage and high density mobile shelving options for over four decades. Whether you need shelving and high density file storage, mobile shelving storage or a hanging storage system, we work with every client to design a system specific to your needs. We do not believe that any office or workspace is a “one size fits all” scenario.

Options including Powered, Mechanical and Manual Systems

High Density Powered Mobile Shelving
With the touch of a button, you can operate your high density shelving system. Equipped with a passive safety device, this mobile shelving system comes to a halt when it senses obstructions  and automatically resets itself post removal, which keeps you and your staff safe. Your high density powered shelving will:
-Increase your storage capacity
-Minimize usage of space
-Improve personnel efficiency

Enjoy a clutter-free environment with a dynamic Eclipse electric shelving system, which complies with ADA requirements and features many additional security and safety options.

Planning and Designing Specifications for High Density Shelving

Modern Office Systems offers a turn-key service which includes access to our design department. We survey your space and get input from staff who are on the ground dealing with space solution issues daily to see what your specific storage needs are. We then design the best possible high density storage solutions for your specific environment. That might include our popular Mechanical-Assisted Mobile Shelving Systems which allow movement through the use of a rotating handle and a safety locking pin that is utilized to stop the carriage from moving while someone is in the aisle. Other safety options are available.

In certain organizations like small medical offices, a manual high density mobile shelving system might be the right fit. A phone call, a survey and a conversation will allow us to offer you the best options and it’s all done for free.

Whether you call it high density file  and shelving storage, mobile shelving storage or hanging storage systems, with the highest quality products, we can provide you with a solution that incorporates all the extras you need to make it work for you and your environment.  Our industrial high density file and shelving systems also stand up to the test of any competitor. Please call us for your free survey today.