Mechanically Operated Mobile Shelving

Rugged, durable and user friendly!

This well engineered mechanically operated mobile shelving system is one of the most durable high density storage systems available on the market.  It is made to last! But what makes it different to our competition?

Easiest in the Industry to Move

Regardless of weight load or length of carriages, this technology works seamlessly in conjunction with our widest range of drive ratios.

Safety First

  • A safety lock comes with all handles. A bright visual indicator shows if the carriage is locked or open, providing information to prevent unwanted movement. We can also add hub locks as an option if additional security is an issue.
  • Stability is a standard part of the design process. The use of Anti-tip devices create a stable safety feature and is available in both overhead and in-rail designs. Increased stability is also present because of the widest wheelbase in the industry on all high density mechanical assist systems.
  • Shelving and cabinets will not move or lose their alignment because our mechanically operated high density shelving has an extra deep shelving recess design.

Rugged Qualities

  • Made of welded steel construction and not requiring fasteners that can loosen or break, Spacesaver High Density Mechanical Assist Systems are way above the competition. Others aspire to compete with our strongest and most rigid carriage system. Carriages remain aligned correctly for years of functionality.
  • Load capacity is a minimum of 1,000 lbs. per foot!

Lookin’ Good!

  • Our powder coat finishes keep your system looking good. The oven cured technique exceeds the most stringent scratch and chip requirements as per the  ALA (American Library Association)
  • We offer an array of standard colors to choose from and can even match custom colors to fit in with your specific design or decor as required.

Built to last, a Spacesaver mechanically operated movable shelving system looks good and provides a true and pure return on your investment.

Back Room Mobile Storage Options When Inches Is The Only Issue!

Ask us about the Wheelhouse Mechanical Assist System. This system is for the client who needs a modular storage system that makes the most of every inch of space. Flexibility is the word on the street! Call for more details.