What is High Density Shelving?

Spacesaver High Density Shelving

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Why high-density shelving?
Designing spaces for storage can be problematic. While you may want to use every available nook and cranny in order to maximize their storage dollars, some space needs to be devoted to allow the inclusion of aisles wide enough to allow easy access to files, supplies and other stored materials. Even in relatively small storage areas, the amount of space taken up by aisles can end up being a significant portion of the entire available space. That’s where high-density shelving can help.

What is high-density shelving?
High-density shelving replaces aisle space with movable storage options designed to meet the unique needs of your business or facility. In fact, Modern Office Systems’ Spacesaver high-density shelving is so successful and innovative in its use of total space, businesses that have incorporated the shelving as part of their storage areas have found they can actually reduce the space they need for storage by more than 50%. That means you won’t need to rent or purchase additional space as your storage needs increase – and you can even use the space you save for other purposes, like additional office space or meeting or waiting areas.

Less cost, more flexibility
Spacesaver high-density shelving helps businesses get rid of empty aisle space and convert that space into usable storage units that can be moved and accessed with ease. As for ROI, Spacesaver shelving is actually less expensive than traditional filing cabinets, and because they’re movable, they can be easily adapted to fit any space and any configuration.

Let us help you gain more space for less money
Our company has consulted with major corporations and healthcare facilities and we can help you learn how to use Spacesaver high-density shelving in your own business to achieve a substantial ROI in just a few months.

In addition to helping you design your space to maximize efficiency and storage volume, our design team is skilled in code requirements and load calculations, enabling us to design the best system for your business’ unique needs. We can also show you how to get the most of your high-density storage system – like incorporating color-coded file folders to significantly increase productivity levels.

Spacesaver high density shelving is a smart investment for any business that wants to gain more space without the ongoing rental, maintenance and general overhead costs associated with acquiring additional square footage. And because high-density shelving is easy and quick to install, it’s an investment with an immediate and healthy return. Call us toll-free at 877-507-2757 to schedule a free space analysis consultation so we can help you create the best, most productive storage solutions possible.

Gain a fast return on investment (ROI) with Spacesaver High Density Filing and Storage Shelving Systems. How??

At a Glance…

  • Markets: Architects & Designers, Athletic, Business Filing & Storage, General Contractors, Government, Legal, Library, Military, Public Safety, Schools
  • Storage Needs: Apparel/Clothing, Archives, Athletic Equipment, Books/Binders, Evidence, Files/Records, Golf Bags, Medical Supplies, Pharmaceuticals, Record Boxes, School Lockers, Industrial Storage
  • Department: Armory, Athletic, Business Office, Central Files, Collections, Evidence, Facilities, Human Resources, Law Enforcement, Legal, Library, Pharmacy, Records Management, Supply, Evidence

Call us with your specific concerns; we’ll help you find the solution that suits your needs! 


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Having worked with major corporations and hospitals, we can show you how Spacesaver high density shelving systems have enabled businesses and healthcare facilities to show  a healthy ROI in a matter of months.High density file shelving with color-coded file folders save valuable floorspace and increase employee productivity.  High density file shelving with color coded file folders increase the clients productivity by over 35%.

Once you see how a high density file shelving system will make your fileroom more space efficient and productive, you will never go back to traditional filing cabinets.

Did you know:

Spacesaver High Density File Shelving is Less Expensive Than Traditional File Cabinets

Traditional filing cabinets cost more than high-density file shelving! Simple fact.   Contact us today and we will show you how you can save time and space with a high density filing or storage shelving system.

Spacesaver High Density Shelving Resources:

Designing and Planning a spacesaver High Density Shelving System

We are experts at designing high density shelving systems. Our experienced and knowledgeable team understands building code requirements, floor loading calculations, and other important design details to ensure you get a productive and efficient system. Contact us today and ask about our free space analysis consultation for your filing or storage area.