Modern Office Systems has been representing Rousseau Metal products for more than 15 years. Their solid reputation makes them a leader in storage systems for the industrial sector where they provide products of quality, reliability and durability.

Rousseau systems respond to your own unique needs, in manufacturing departments such as :

  • Machine Shop/Assembly Lines/Parts Stores/Maintenance/Repair Stations

    And many more…

No matter what type of business you operate, you can likely benefit by installing industrial shelving and storage. By organizing your workspace or storage room using an industrial racking system you can improve the overall productivity of your business, reduce safety violations, and protect your merchandise and equipment from damage that could occur if it is not properly secured using industrial shelving racks. A variety of different companies, in many industries around the world, use industrial storage to improve their overall flow of business.

Professional kitchens are busy, crowded places. This makes them prime candidates for industrial racking systems. Industrial racking is a great way to keep pots and pans handy while keeping them out of the way, and they can easily finish drying when they are stored this way. Storing food is simple when you have several industrial shelving racks; it keeps perishables off the floor, which is necessary to meet most health codes. Another benefit obtained by storing food on industrial rack shelving is that it becomes much easier to implement a first in first out system, reducing overall waste in your kitchen.

Another business that can benefit from great industrial shelving solutions is a garage or mechanic shop. Anyone who has ever worked on cars knows that you need many different specialty tools and other equipment to do the job right. Storing your equipment on industrial storage racks or our specially made small equipment storage solutions will help you stay organized and protect your expensive tools from damage. If your mechanic business sells tires, you probably need special industrial shelves that can store the tires for easy access. You can have a separate industrial shelving system installed to store oil and other fluids so you do not risk spillage or disorganization.

Industrial storage racks

Businesses that you may have never thought about see improvement through the installation of industrial storage systems. Office environments have many things that may need to be stored. The copy room may be a great place to place an industrial shelving storage rack; it will keep all the different sizes of paper and extra toner cartridges from becoming a safety hazard or even damaged. The break room often has boxes of drinks, snacks, and paper products that need to be organized; small size industrial shelving systems are available that will help provide needed organization. Do not forget about other industrial office furniture that can improve the overall flow and productivity of your office, including modular casework systems that can be used in the design of your pantry, copy room, satellite mailroom and so many more office areas.

Adding industrial shelving racks in your place of business is a smart investment. These are just a few of the types of businesses that see improvement by the addition of industrial storage. With all of the benefits this type of storage provides, there is no reason that you would choose not to furnish your business with high quality industrial storage shelving. You will see the positive results of this investment for many years to come.

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