Storage locker innovations are an integral and necessary feature of the activity based working environment. Knowing this, Modern Office Systems has made it our business to be on the forefront of today’s changing locker world, including the use of hard wired lockers, card key and RFID locker solutions. Our experience tells us that

  1. Key-lock lockers are extremely difficult to manage; keys get lost and misplaced on a regular basis causing access issues and recurring expenses when having to replace.
  2. Thumb spin combination locks are a cost-effective alternate but they are not user friendly.
  3. Battery operated locks have become increasingly popular. And, although we still think they are a great alternative, we have noticed that battery management and replacement prove to be a costly and logistically cumbersome exercise.

Wanting to provide you, our clients, with a better alternative, Modern Office Systems has been researching more technically advanced locks that do not require battery replacement. We believe this is an amazing solution for all locker systems including Day Lockers .

Card Key Locker Locks offer unique features and benefits:

  1. Hard wired, Card Key Locking System works with all NFC enabled phones and card keys. Pre-existing company ID cards can be used.
  2. An IPhone app is available for employees to select a locker in unassigned desk environment. This type of RFID technology update puts the power in the user’s hands, literally.
  3. Multiple card key locker modes provide the flexibility to make all hard wired lockers available or to individually assign.
  4. Security is achieved by using RFID technology to record all openings and closings, allowing managers to easily track usage.
  5. Cost savings are achieved by eliminating maintenance costs associated with lost keys, failed locks, and time spent managing lockers.
  6. Robust and comprehensive management tools allow Administrators to easily assign lockers, view detailed usage data and see, in real time, which locks are in use.
  7. Locks are low voltage, hard wired into building electrical supply.


Modern Office Systems has the experience and design expertise to develop and implement a hard wired, card key locker system tailored to suit the need of today’s changing workplace requirements.