Mail Storage

Does your business have a large mail center? Do you require satellite stations throughout your organization?

E-mail/scanning can only do so much. Most industries still depend on hard copy documents and bulk packages but how do you route them efficiently through your company? If your mail storage center is operating efficiently, it will increase work flow and employee efficiency. Modern Office Systems can provide you with the best mail sorter and mail storage furniture solutions to accommodate growth and ever changing needs. Mailroom Furniture including Mail Distribution Sorters and Mail Sorting Cabinets are critical to ensure the efficient and accurate distribution of information through your organization. A badly designed mailroom lacking in flexibility and adjustability will cost an organization financially through inefficient mail handling, loss of productivity, and lost or delayed mail. Check out our mail sorter gallery. 

Our Mailroom Furniture is Designed for Flexibility

All of our Mailroom Furniture is designed to easily adjust to meet the changing needs of your mailroom. It ensures the safe and efficient flow of mail documents throughout your organization to their final destination. Below are some of the features of our Mailroom Furniture.

A wide range heights, depths and widths of mail storage, mailroom islands and mail sorter cabinets
Easily adjustable mailroom table heights to accommodate standing or sitting heights
Easily adjustable mail sorting shelves
Easy to read label holders that securely fasten to sorter shelves and are easy to change
Mail room shelves that incorporate color recognition for quick identification and accurate sorting to the proper mail cubby or slot
A multitude of accessories and options to increase accuracy and efficiency including but not limited to security doors, mail drawers and handles
No sharp metal shelf edges that could possibly injury fast moving hands of mail clerks

Our Mail Storage and Mail Sorter Furniture is Designed for Sustainability

Modern Office Systems is committed to working with vendors who can provide sustainable products that will shape the future of our environment and provide the required certifications that can help our clients achieve the highest LEED status. As such, Hamilton Casework Solutions is GREENGUARD Gold Certified and can provide guidance in choosing the correct components for your business and budget.

Our flexible mail sorting furniture is configured to meet the changing dynamics of your work flow. What works today may not work tomorrow because of company changes with either growth or downsizing. However, our mail storage options consist of modular furniture that can be reconfigured to accommodate these changes seamlessly.  A well designed mailroom is the foundation of an efficient and secure flow of documents through your organization.

At Modern Office Systems, we offer a complete selection of mail storage and mail sorter furniture including

Mail sorter islands and cabinets
Presort and bulk sort mail stations
Mail risers
Mail Sorters
Drawers for pens, paper clips, labels and mailroom supplies
Satellite sort mail stations
Overhead cabinets


Since 1982, Modern Office Systems has partnered with Hamilton Casework Solutions, the top manufacturer of mail storage, mail sorter furniture and modular casework solutions. We have continued to provide the highest quality mailroom products, furniture and installation services for commercial mailrooms.  We are here to help you design and plan the most efficient mailroom for your business. We have knowledgeable and experienced representatives to provide you with the latest mailroom design resources and technologies.

Contact us today for a free consultation. Let our knowledge and expertise improve your mail storage and mail sorter efficiency.