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Cantilever shelving is “the” storage solution for library applications. It is extremely popular for public and private libraries, government facilities, corporate offices and educational institutions. Spacesaver is one of the most respected manufacturers of Cantilever Shelving, also referred to as book stack shelving. Cantiliver Library shelving is used more than any other type of shelving in a library environment because it can be easily manipulated to neatly store all printed media from books to magazines.

Long Lasting and Dependable

Spacesaver Cantilever Shelving is forged from heavy gauge steel. This type of shelving provides the strength to support heavy weight loads including books and magazines of varying sizes. The engineered wide frame design provides stability. Spacesaver cantilever shelving meets or exceeds the structural integrity standards of the American Library Association.

Easily Modified

Cantilever shelving is fully configurable to suit the needs of any type of institution or administration. The shelving units can be disassembled and reconstructed with ease, making relocation or add ons a viable solution to changing environments. Modern Office Systems has a wide array of accessories available for cantilever shelving to enhance this storage solution.

Pleasing, Modern Appearance

Cantilever shelving comes from the factory complete with a powder-coat finish that provides a long lasting scratch resistant surface. There are many manufacturer’s standard colors to choose from at no addtional cost. We can also provide custom colors when needed. Schools, legal libraries and office spaces are just some of the environments that benefit from Cantilever Shelving.

Offering options to meet all of your needs since 1982, Modern Office Systems has an excellent customer service department to help you with your shelving solutions.


While the uses of Spacesaver’s Cantilever Rack System vary widely, the underlying principle is the same.

Spacesaver has engineered the sturdiest frame and accessories on the market to organize and protect your important assets. Our rolled textile storage solution is made in the USA by staff that enjoy creating storage shelving solutions for our clients. Spacesaver’s rolled fabric storage system will provide years of reliable operation.

The hallmarks of the Cantilever Rack System include:

  • Easy adjustability
  • Adjustable on 6” increments vertically
  • Arms infinitely adjustable within the clear width across horizontal frame supports (overall width – 4”)
  • Cantilever rack designed to allow attachment to floor, wall, or compact mobile system
  • Infinite configuration; mix and match shelves with textile/parachute arms
  • Textile and parachute arms are securely held in place by a thumb nut, eliminating the need to use tools
  • All materials used in the fabrication of the Cantilever Rack are “non-reactive”, preventing degradation of the stored materials
  • All corners are rounded and all exposed edges are meticulously deburred to prevent snagging or puncturing of stored materials
  • Single and double face units available
  • Canopy Top and shelves are interchangeable
  • Organized storage solution provides optimum storage density and efficiency
  • Engineered and manufactured in the USA


Whether this type of fabric bolt shelving is the answer to museum textile roll storage or factories fabric roll storage, military storage of parachutes or other operating materials, we can work with you to provide the solution you need. Call us today for a free, no obligation storage analysis. Do not settle for OK when we can provide the WOW!

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