Designed to adapt to both stationary and mobile storage applications, Spacesaver 4-Post Shelving offers you a comprehensive choice of options.

Sturdy, durable and secure are three of the key words when looking for quality shelving solutions and four post shelving may be just the product that fits the bill. Adaptable for both mobile shelving and stationary shelving solutions, we can customize this economically sound choice by adding lockable doors, pull out reference shelves, storage and file drawers that accomodate mixed media, or simply leave the shelving open to store boxes or other bulk items.


Rethinking storage solutions in a changing environment becomes almost a “no brainer” when you have adjustable, adaptable shelving solutions that can change to suit your evolving needs. Click here to learn more about 4-Post Technical Data.

Whether your storage needs are big or small, whether you work in a front office or a backroom in a warehouse, the fourpost shelving system can store whatever you need and be adjusted to keep up with your changing needs.


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