Nut & Bolt Shelving

Nut & Bolt Shelving is a heavy duty industrial shelving used to store small or large media and supplies. For weight load issues, please call our office and speak to a qualified, shelving expert.

When you need a heavy duty industrial strength shelving unit, Nut & Bolt shelving is the answer. Ideal for storing small and large media, this type of shelving is incredible versatile. If you have questions or concerns regarding weight load issues with this type of shelving, please call to speak with one of our knowledgeable shelving experts.

Nut & Bolt shelving can be adjusted to accommodate your changing storage needs. It is very popular in situations that require heavier gauge shelving in a more aesthetically conscious environment. To that end, Modern Office Systems can provide an option where this industrial type shelving can be fitted with custom finished wood panels and wood trim. This creates a clean, professional look that makes nut & bolt shelving ideal for Law Libraries or any type of front desk environment.

Other features include:

  • A large selection of sizes to suit your needs
  • 30 different powder coated finishes so that you can easily find the color that matches your project
  • Comes in either 18 or 20 gauge steel dependant on storage requirements
  • A range of heights on upright posts that starts at 3 feet high and extends to 16 feet high
  • Perfect for file boxes/books/files

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Wood trim can be added to all nut & bolt shelving to give a clean, finished look to any environment. Some features include:

  • A wide range of shelving sizes
  • Available in over 30 powder coated colors
  • Shelving units are available in 18 and 20 gauge steel
  • Upright posts sizes vary from 3ft high – 16ft high
  • File & Box storage shelving systems available

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