Wide Span Shelving

Ideal for your client’s bulk storage needs, wide span shelving will save your clients an incredible amount of floor space in their storage areas. These wide span shelves have been designed for hand loading rather than loading by a fork lift which makes them perfect for storing large and valuable items. Regardless of the type of storage facility you are designing, wide span shelves are an asset, and the number of purposes that you can find for this shelving is virtually limitless.

Where does Wide Span Shelving Work?

In museums or schools, wide span shelving is perfect for storing historical artifacts and pieces from museum collections ranging from antique furniture and weapons to ancient canoes and valuable sculptures.

Use wide span shelving can work for holding boxes and cartons in a shipping and receiving area.  Hospitals, medical clinics, and medical supply companies may use this type of shelving for the storage of large medical supplies or even dietary items. At a military readiness center, these shelves are the perfect size for storing military supplies and gear.

Spacesaver wide span shelving is designed for hand-loaded, bulk storage used for hundreds of potential storage applications.

  • Historical artifacts storage and collection items (furniture, weaponry, canoes, statues, etc.)
  • Boxed and cartoned materials for shipping, receiving and warehouse areas
  • Medical supply storage and dietary storage in hospitals
  • Military supply storage and gear storage for military readiness centers

Call US!  The possibilities and applications are endless!

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