Records Management

Anyone who has been in business long enough will admit that a records management filing system is an essential part of any successful business. There are many things a business needs to consider when looking into developing a versatile records filing system.

We offer Records Management Consultation as a first step to defining your specific storage and filing solutions. One solution may be to invest in records management software to help keep track of all your files but this can’t happen before a filing system has been devised. Use of a RFD system is great for tracking files that are removed from say, a hospital Records Department. But the files must be color coded and marked in a clear way so that those who need to find them can do so quickly and efficiently. The main goal of records management is to provide easy access to all your files while eliminating lost files and therefore increasing worker productivity and moral! Seriously, have you ever spent a day searching for that one client file


An efficient manager needs a records management plan to accomplish an effective record keeping system. Whether you house your files on shelving or in cabinets, we have the solution to best suit your storage environment. You can double your space or double your capacity by using a high density filing system or, for a smaller environment like a doctor’s office or satellite business office, you can house your files in a lateral storage system or filing cabinets. Whatever your storage needs, we have your records management solution.

Contact us today to inquire about our various records management solutions in New York City. We actively service companies in New York and New Jersey and would love to add your business to our list of successful clients.