Records Relocation Services

Records Relocation Services that Make Sense


One of the most important tasks related to relocating an office space or business is records relocation. Thousands of pieces of private information from your customers, clients and business associates are tucked away in filing cabinets, files, and security boxes. To move these without care and consideration for the contents of these documents will put your business at risk. Keep a professional and conscience manner even when moving by hiring professional records management professionals. Let Modern Office Systems LLC work their organizational magic!

Focused on designing and installing records storage systems that work.

Modern Office Systems LLC is your full service records management organization. Additionally, we provide professional and secure records management for relocation of records to your new office space. By choosing Modern Office Systems LLC to be your records management professionals, you can rest assured that we will maintain your expected level of productivity as we relocate your records.

When working with relocation of files, Modern is not just concerned with getting items from one location to the next. Our expertise is in the details that make a move a success. Our professional records management team surveys existing capacity of files and compares it to the capacity available in the new space. With this info we can provide accurate file mapping and account for growth as needed. Our experience gained over years of performing file conversions, archiving of files, relabeling and changing the sequencing of files means no move is too complicated.

We stand behind our work

Once you physically move, you can still count on Modern to help you with records management in your new office. With our file supplies and records management software we can leave you with the skills to manage your existing and incoming records.

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  • Case type
  • Clip type
  • Four post
  • Nut and bolt
  • Wide span

In addition to having a complete understanding of all of your records, we also provide you with the skills to manage your existing and incoming records. You are able to work more efficiently on your clients’ and business associates’ needs and expectations. Let the professionals at Modern Office Systems LLC transform your business by maintaining a successful records relocation and continual management of your files.

Interested in a professional consultation from the organization management team at Modern Office Systems LLC? Contact us today for a free records relocation consultation. We will get started with your records relocation upon your request. After all, organization management is our business!