Vertical Lift Modules

The most efficient way to keep parts secure, clean and organized in a compact footprint.

Spare Parts Management

Managing spare parts inventory with shelving would require double the floor space

  • Increase Picking Speed and Accuracy
  • Integrate with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). Parts order can be sent directly to the VLM – eliminating paper and also saving time and accuracy.
  • Measurable increase in Productivity
  • Protect items from damage
  • Increase inventory control and tracking
Modula Vertical Lift Module

"The compact storage, time savings, ease of use completely offset the cost of the system."

Modula Vertical Lift Modules

Example Use-Cases

Automotive Dealerships

Past: If parts were needed for a repair, the parts department would walk up and down aisles of shelving to locate the parts required for the job. This inefficient process was labor intensive and time consuming.

For the specialty tools, technicians found what they needed from the toolbox storage area on their own. There wasn’t a tracking system in place to monitor who took what tool (and when). At times, tools were returned damaged or completely unusable; some, in fact, weren’t returned at all.

Current: In addition, to ensure that parts people were able to quickly and accurately locate all required parts, the VLM also incorporated advanced picking aides, such as an alphanumeric LED message center bar. A laser pointer allows people to locate items immediately and achieve a 99.9% picking accuracy, as it points directly to the item location within a tray.

“We needed to clean up our parts department”

“We’re required to keep specific tools on hand at all times. With tools being returned damaged or misplaced by technicians, replacement costs were growing—[and] we needed a solution to protect these items.”

Year End Inventory is much easier and more convenient

Equipment wholesaler recovers 93% of storage space and increases order fulfillment productivity by 440%

50,000 square foot warehouse ran out of space. – Manging 4,750 SKU’s of small parts

Small parts were previously stored on 5,000 sq ft of shelving. Using scanning technology, employees would wander through the shelving, scanning and picking items as directed by the scan gun. – Walking several miles a day.

In addition to the space savings, theVLM enabled an 80% increase in large item inventory. Productivity increased from 27 line per hour to 110 line items per hour.

Parts are delivered to the worker at OSHA’s ergonomic “golden zone” height (between the knees and shoulders). Eliminating the risk of injuries

Distributor of Cosmetics

Increased picking by 300%

600 SKUs – All on-line orders came to the distribution center. Average number of lines per order is 17. 3000 order lines a day.

Reduce delivery time while increasing picking speed and precision.

Benefits of Vertical Lift Modules

Modula VLM
  • Recover up to 90% of valuable floor space
  • Improve picking accuracy
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce the risk of injuries
  • Protect your products
  • Manage your inventory in real time
Modula VLM

Storage of Sterile Supplies

An efficient, productive and safe way to store, track, and manage the sterile and clean items in the OR, SPD and Central Supply. It reduces the floor space needed for storage, improves productivity, ergonomics and security, while providing a real-time fingerprint of picks and stocks, par levels and expiration dates. It also integrates seamlessly with other hospital software platforms, such as CensiTrac, SPM, Impress, Lawson and others.