Touch-less Lockers for the Modern Office

Detailed Design. Phenomenal Function. Superb Security.

Create Flexible, Smart Spaces

The agile workplace is requiring everyone to shift their approach to the workplace. Spaces need to strike the perfect balance between design, function, and flexibility.

As a team who specializes in storage, we know that storage is not always known for it’s dynamic design.

Together we can take the design of your new workspace and make your lockers blend right into the walls or make your lockers be the accent piece of the office with beautiful graphic treatments, unique finishes, and colors.

Workplace lockers have the cleanest of lines. No pulls. No handles. No knobs. And no visible bulky lock on the doors. Not only are the lockers attractive but they are capable of function and security that will capture your and your employees’ hearts.

Phenomenal Function

Workplace Lockers: Not just a pretty face

Sometimes lockers are not just for temporarily storing employees’ personal belongings. Workplace Lockers can also permanently store more confidential or sensitive materials with limited accessibility.

Regardless of the use (temporary or longer-term), with the technology and function of the Workplace Locker, you can control who has access to what locker opening and when they have the ability access it. And all the back-end tracking and audit capabilities to know when the locker was accessed, at what time and date.

Superb Security

Everyone can gain a peace of mind.

Employers: If ever in an emergency situation, Workplace Lockers give the you complete control of the lockers. Lock-down all of the lockers. Or unlock specific lockers for security.

Employees: Not only having a peace of mind in case of an emergency situation, keep that peace of mind knowing your personal belongings are protected and not just sitting out in the open. With audit capabilities, if there was ever a question of a stolen item from a locker, the data would help identify what happened.

Easy as 1...

Built For the Way You Work

No, that is not a typo, Workplace Lockers are easier than 1, 2, 3. Nevermind punching in a 4-digit code or making sure you read the directions for the right sequence of buttons, or whatever else it takes to make sure you have your belongings secured.

With Workplace Lockers, depending on the your configuration, by simply holding up the employee badge or better yet, their phone, the employee can lock or unlock their locker.

The devil is in the details and we make sure we take care of the hard work to make it as “easy as 1…” for you.

Are you interested in seeing for yourself?

Come visit our Showroom located in the heart of NYC to see all these different solutions and configurations we can customize to your needs. From casework to islands to lockers to mobile.