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Designing Unique Storage for Over 35 Years

Providing exceptional experiences for many more

Storage was once seen as purely functional, but that has changed significantly over the last few years. Here at Modern Office Systems, we’ve always looked at storage as not only functional, but rather how storage contributes to the overall design and aesthetic of your workplace. Whether you need day-use lockers, wall partition storage, casework solutions or compact storage in plain sight, we can provide the solution.

We partner seamlessly with members of the Architect & Design community, Furniture Dealers and End-Users to create custom work places in New York and New Jersey for over 35 years.

Touchless Lockers
that are Clean
and Safe

Use your existing access media, card, fob and/or mobile app as a smart locker key. Organizations with any HID™ access control (iCLASS, Seos, Prox,Indala, etc.), can easily extend their access security level to their smart lockers.


Now easily browse, search, share, and even download images for inspiration and to include in your projects.

Metra Modo Lockers Workplace


Workplace Storage

Workplace lockers have the cleanest of lines. No pulls. No handles. No knobs. And no visible bulky lock on the doors. Not only are the lockers attractive but they are capable of function and security that will capture your and your employees’ hearts.

We love having visitors—
Come visit our showroom

Modern Office Systems’ Showroom and office are conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan in the heart of NYC. We invite you to visit our showroom displaying our diverse offering of lockers and locks, casework solutions, and mobile shelving offering.

Drop us a line. We look forward to seeing you.


Looking for Specifications?

We strive to make it easy to get you the specs that you are looking for.