Urban Vertical Farming

Michelin star restaurants are rare. Hydroponic urban, vertical farms growing more than 500 different varieties of rare produce year-long for top chefs in New York City is even more rare, unless you are Farm.One.

Taking Urban Farming to Another Level

Farm.One, located in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood, is less than half an hour away by bike or subway from most of the restaurants it supplies. With that prime location, though, comes space pressure.

Providing Only the Freshest

Traditionally, NYC restaurants source their ingredients same as every other restaurant in the country. By boat, freight or plane from potentially anywhere in the world to obtain the rarest of edible plants.

Farm.One’s hydroponic vertical grow farm on mobile shelving, not only maximizes the space, but produces a quicker, cleaner, and more reliable product without pesticides. Farm.One provides their customers the freshest, higher-quality product.

Indoor Hydroponic Farming

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