A major accounting firm introduced the concept of flexible office design at its Manhattan location several years ago. The concept worked so well they expanded on it in their new location at Times Square.

Comfort & Convenience in a Flexible Office Design

Because most employees don’t have offices or cubicles, they need secure, reliable space to store their personal belongings, laptops, and other supplies and equipment. Day Use Lockers are designed to accommodate a variety of items.

Shaping the Office Landscape

Staff had been using “gym style” temporary lockers with keys at the old location. Employees would place their belongings in an available locker, turn the key, and take the key with them. At break time or at the end of the day, they would use the key to unlock the locker and the key would stay in the lock, indicating the locker’s availability. Because staff got a new key every time they used a locker, the keys were often lost or misplaced. That led to inconvenience and wasted time.

Flexible Office Design

Unexpected Benefits of Day-Use Lockers

Many of the firm’s employees shop online and have packages delivered to the office. The problem is that the small mailrooms on each floor have limited space and are not equipped to handle boxes. That’s why the lockers have become an extension of the mailroom. When a package arrives for an employee, office services staff use the master key or the combination from the roster to unlock the locker and place the parcel inside.

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Storage in plain sight. Day-Use Lockers Are the Building Blocks For Your Office Space.

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