Movable Walls

Forget everything you thought you knew about movable walls.

Use One Space so Many Ways

Movable walls that slide side-to-side allow you to create custom-sized rooms on the fly. Turn a two-person whiteboarding space into an all-company presentation space within seconds.

The New Way of Creating the Most Modular & Flexible Workplace Environment

Mobile walls offer the ability to customize the size of your meeting space on-the-fly by simply moving the wall along the floor rails.

Hafele’s new showroom in Manhattan had the challenge to showcase its innovative fittings with a smaller space than the previous showroom. By customizing mobile shelving, Modern created a display case of mobile walls to showcase Hafele’s latest innovations.

Seattle Public Library’s gift shop is a one-of-a-kind storage solution, taking the concept of mobile shelving and retail display. During the day the carriages are opened up to create aisles for customers to browse and, at night, the carriages are closed creating a large cube to secure their merchandise.

Are you interested in seeing for yourself?

Come visit our Showroom located in the heart of NYC to see all the different configurations we can provide with mobile shelving, along with custom islands and day-use locker options (laminate and metal). Coming soon we will have our very own mobile wall for you to see in person.

Collaboration and flexibility are the name of the game in modern workplaces.

Movable Walls allow businesses to change their space and the way work is performed with no deconstruction process required. Walls can be outfitted with anything an organization needs – whiteboards, technology, storage, display screens, even seating. Once the walls and rail are installed, simply slide them to create the room size you need for your meeting or workspace.

Movable Walls