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Storage Doesn't Have To Be Just Functional

Transform the Entire Feel of the Office

In an ultra-competitive, fast-paced world, it’s no surprise you have to stand out to attract employees or clients. You have to be unique. Everyone is looking for personalized experiences. Make it as appealing as possible for recruitment. And even more so to retain your talent.

At Modern Office Systems, we help you differentiate your business by adding custom storage solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also maximize space and efficiency. We accomplish this through our more than 35-years of exemplary service.

Day-Use Lockers

Endless Possibilities to Create Spaces Within Spaces

Day-use lockers are the perfect option for the decline in personal storage spaces in the open office environment. With the trends of today’s workplace space, the competitive nature to attract and retain talent, and the expectations the employees have today of their employer… a locker needs to be more than just a locker.

We change that perception.

Custom Islands

Transform the Entire Feel of the Office

Workplace islands configured for stand-up or sit down become the hubs of activity throughout the office and invite collaboration. Especially when a whiteboard is near by.

For one of our clients, we incorporated sliding tackboards for their unique needs. Regardless of your business we can tailor our solutions to fit your needs.

Storage Walls

Built For the Way You Work

If your needs change, the individual components may be moved, expanded, reconfigured and repurposed. Although the storage wall looks like a built-in furnishing, it is actually made up of discreet modular pieces assembled to suit specific requirements.

Movable Walls

Forget Everything You Once Thought About Movable Walls

Movable walls slide side-to-side allowing you to create custom-sized rooms on the fly, to turn a two-person whiteboarding space into an all-company presentation space within seconds.

And it’s not just a wall that moves. We can integrate temporary lockers for personal storage, media displays, whiteboards and even seating. There are endless possibilities to create a custom solution that works for your workspace.

Beautiful Spaces with Practical Storage

Workplace Photo Gallery

Are you interested in seeing for yourself?

Come visit our Showroom located in the heart of NYC to see all these different solutions and configurations we can customize to your needs. From casework to islands to lockers to mobile.

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