Storage Walls

Space is at a premium in almost any business environment but storage doesn’t have to be an eyesore. Storage walls are designed for function and purpose but also to be a showpiece for your office.

Make the Most of Your Wall Space

If your needs change, the individual components may be moved, expanded, reconfigured and repurposed. Although the storage wall looks like a built-in furnishing, it is actually made up of discreet modular pieces assembled to suit a specific need.

Workplace Storage Walls Built for the Way You Work

No matter what your need or purpose is, turn your storage solution into a conversation piece for your environment. Storage walls don’t just have to be about the storage. Check out these applications below.

Custom islands and a storage wall with whiteboards is the perfect combination for those impromptu brainstorming sessions

A modular architectural library storage wall, designed for the expanding needs of samples and literature, can change as your needs change.

This storage wall is built to provide space for personal belongings with temporary lockers. It also includes a nook built out for seating for on-the-fly conversations or to get some work done in a quiet space.

Are you interested in seeing for yourself?

Come visit our Showroom located in the heart of NYC to see all the different types of configurations we can customize to your needs with modular casework. And while you’re here we can show you our custom islands and lockers.

Storage Wall Solution