Workplace Islands

Centralized storage designed for quick stand-up team meetings or individual workspace on-the-fly are made possible with custom workplace islands.

Flexible Workspace Design

The workplace demands choice and flexibility in the way people need and want to perform at their best. Workplace Islands serve as both a central storage location and stand-up, collaborative meeting table for whatever the need is at that time.

Workplace Islands Built for the Way You Work

Workplace islands configured for stand-up or sit down become the hubs of activity throughout the office and invite collaboration. Especially when a whiteboard is nearby.

Custom workplace islands can vary tremendously in design from standing to sitting, lockers to drawers and even integrated plumbing and electrical raceways. This island offers a designer pullout drawer in an architectural firm’s library.

The open office serves a challenge for personal storage. Rather than building lockers in a wall, this custom island includes day-use lockers as well as trash and recycle receptacles to keep the office neat and clean.

This workplace island offers seating and storage for that impromptu meeting or just a change of scenery from your desk location.

Are you interested in seeing for yourself?

Come visit our Showroom located in the heart of NYC to view the different types of lockers, lock options, workplace islands and configurations that we can design for your unique space.

Taking Custom Island Design to the Next Level

Workplaces are designing spaces from the user perspective. Each office has it’s unique needs and function.

Featured storage isn't just functional, it contributes to the overall design

From desks to custom islands to storage walls, featured storage can transform the entire feel of an office. The possibilities are endless.

Workplace Islands