Day-Use Lockers

Day-Use Lockers are the building blocks to create the agile work space you want and providing you the temporary storage you need.

Creative Workplace Design with Lockers

We help you design the environment that provides you personal storage, collaboration and the organization that you desire. Day-Use Lockers can be built into the wall, as part of custom islands or even a wall partition to break up the open office space.

Endless Lock Options — Giving you a piece of mind

The lock you choose to protect and secure your belongings is just as important, if not more so than the locker itself. At Modern we understand this. That is why we offer multiple options and can help guide you in your lock choice based on your needs and application. Here are a few of our lock offerings:

Featured Locks

Mechanical Combination Locks

Battery-Operated Locks

Ojmar – Lockr Combi

This 4 digit code operation lock offers 10,000 possible combinations to temporarily secure your belongings. Free use mode or dedicated mode. Integrated handle.

Lowe & Fletcher – A152

This 4-wheel combination lock offers 10,000 unique code combinations and an automatic “code scrambling on entry” feature to protect the user code from being viewed by a third party.

Battery-Operated Locks


DigiLock – Axis

Axis locks are offered in a standard alphanumeric keypad or touch RFID interface option. This battery-operated lock takes 4 AA batteries. Providing batter life of 128,000 cycles for Keypad & 54,000 cycles for RFID, according to Digilock’s average use stat.


Ojmar – Touch Lock

Touch Lock offers a touch technology with no membrane keypad. Available in black or white finish. Selectable use code length is 4, 5, or 6 digits. Visual LED light for status of lock (red, green, amber). Contactless communication interface between Master key and lock. Emergency opening.

Metra ModoTwo

Smart Locking System by Metra with Genuine HID Technology. The metra smart locker system supports 99,9% of RFID media standards: LF, ISO 15693, ISO 14443A and ISO 14443B (Mifare, HID Prox, iClass™, Seos™, mobile Seos™, Indala, DESFire, LEGIC Advant, Prime, Sony FeliCa, CEPAS, etc.).

Metra ModoThree

Unlock lockers with your phone – leveraging Bluetooth, NFC or WIFI. Works with Apple Watch and other wearables by using HID Mobile Access.

Preassigned or Unassigned lockers.


Real-time wireless locking system. Wi-Fi enabled. On-line locker lock without cables. Real-time system reporting. Offline lock configuration. Multi-Device monitoring. RFID and NFC Communication.

Sometimes you have to see for yourself

Come visit our showroom and actually touch and ‘play’ with these locks. Learn how they work and let’s talk through the pros and cons of battery or networked locks for your specific application. While you are visiting you can also see the different types of day-use lockers and configurations we can customize to your unique needs.

The office is no longer a place, but an experience

Workplaces are exploring and designing spaces from the user perspective. These types of spaces tap into all of our senses.

Featured storage isn't just functional, it contributes to the overall design of the workplace

From desks to custom islands to storage walls, featured storage can transform the entire feel of an office. The possibilities are endless.

Day-Use Lockers