Smart Lockers for Exchange of Goods

Automating the secure exchange of physical goods

Safe, Secure & Sanitary

Lightening-fast pickup and staggered notifications help support social distancing guidelines.

Contactless Retrieval

Bluetooth (BLE) App allows for a simple tap on your mobile device to retrieve your goods.

Contactless Smart Locker

Lockers can be constructed of various materials: Steel (Indoor/Outdoor Use), Laminate, Phenolic Sheets and even antimicrobial laminates and solid surfaces.

SaaS-Based Smart Lockers

  • Comprehensive cloud-based platform to track chain of custody for any physical item.
  • Best in class technology stack with iOS & Android applications.
  • Many 3rd party integrations and partnerships.
  • Courier agnostic – 100% deliverability
  • Real-time data dashboards – integrate into smart building platforms, technology
  • Full Audit & Usage Tracking – the data allows you to know if you need to scale or grow your installation.

Enterprise Grade Security

Third-party Pen-tested Hardware and Software

In the workplace, smart lockers reduce time wasted by 75% when currently delivering to desks

Unlimited Configurations

Including indoor, outdoor (lighting integrated & canopies), refrigerated, freezer, insulated, etc…)

Mix and Match the banks below to give you the exact conifuration to meet your needs…Need a custom layout? – No problem!

Smiota Smart Lockers

Workplace Smart Lockers

Measurable hard savings found from: Reduced Operational Costs & Improved Employee Productivity

Soft savings will have a significant impact on your business:

  • Employee Experience:
    • The office is already infused with interruptions and context switching is incredibly costly.
    • Pick up / Drop off Packages at your convenience
  • Culture Impact:
    • Inclusivity (ADA-Compliance)
    • Security
    • Well-Being
    • Perks / Benefits for recruitment and retention
    • High-Tech Workplace

Secure exchange of IT assets - IT Departments use Smart Lockers

IT departments use smart lockers to help the check-in/check-out process and/or to issue IT equipment without interrupting staff. Click below to learn more about how IT departments become more efficient with Smart Lockers.

World class contactless delivery technology.

Integrated Hardware + Software + Mobile Apps

Flexible Modular Design Platform

Complete Chain of Custody Tracking

University Smart Lockers

Based on our experience, a university student will average 2 packages a month - If you use an enrollment of 10,000 students - that would be roughly 950 packages per day that a university campus would have to handle.

Mini-Case Study:

Before: From delivery to pick-up, each package took about 3.2 minutes of the staff’s time. 6,500 packages a month meant the staff was spending 240 hours / month. In terms of dollars, it amounts to over $200,000 in operating costs on package management alone.

After: 341 smart lockers were installed at 9 residence halls with students being notified automatically when packages were delivered. The whole process takes 13 seconds per package.

Savings:$73,140 each year over the next five years.

Ask us about Library Smart Lockers

College and University campuses are implementing library smart lockers to allow for holds, returns and check-outs. Many are allowing the bank to handle IT equipment and also serve as Day Use lockers for students. Smart Lockers in Libraries allow for multiple uses within the same bank of lockers.

Retail Smart Lockers

Retail Smart Lockers

Perfecting your buy-online-purchase-in-store process now can have both short- and long-term benefits.

Buy Online Pickup in Store (BOPIS) is growing at an incredible rate. This will only increase further as we try to return to a new normal post-COVID. Our Smart Lockers for retail come with refrigerated and/or freezer units.

Residential Smart Lockers

Residential Smart Lockers

Electronic Package Lockers were the second most popular apartment/condominium amenity after fitness centers. This was pre-COVID – now that may have changed. In any regard, with online shopping, food delivery and other delivery services exploding – tenants want to know their goods are secure, safe and clean.

We offer many different acquisition options – including Lockers as a Service.