Clean Touch-less Lockers

It’s not just a locker…It’s part of the strategy to help employees feel safe, their belongings secure and their well-being cared for.

Safe, Clean & Hygienic Locker Operation

In today's world it is difficult to imagine using a shared use touch pad lock or combo lock. Not only does everyone touch them, but they are difficult to clean and sterilize.
Our lockers open with an app, integrate and extend your existing HID access control and close with a nudge of the elbow.

Just being a locker isn't enough anymore

When businesses return there is a lot of conversation about will free assign, hot desking, agile offices still exist or will people demand assigned desks. Some argue that assigned desks will be mandatory, others argue unassigned with strict clean desk policies will be the norm. In either instance cleaning will be paramount.

Our lockers enable usage-based cleaning practices – potentially saving time and money. Knowing which lockers were used previously, by whom and when will help with the integrated overall plan for businesses to return safely.

Cleaning and Disinfecting procedures are critical - but what about Materials

Smart Materials

The technology of smart locking is important, but maybe just as important is the material of the lockers

We can make smart lockers out of materials that not only fit your needs, but help contribute to a sanitary and safe environment.

Some of examples of the materials we can use include:

  • Antimicrobial laminates
  • Copper-infused solid surfaces and laminates
  • Antimicrobial Polymer Building Sheet
  • Phenolic Resin Sheet
  • Antimicrobial Painted Steel
  • Non-Porous Solid Surfaces
Metra Smart RFID Lockers

Clean, Safe Materials don't have to compromise the design of your lockers

Smart RFID Workplace Lockers

Touchless Technology-Powered Lockers

Battery locks have always presented challenges to businesses. – How do we dispose of the batteries? How much is it going to cost us in new batteries, labor and user experience to replace batteries? And now, who is going to want to touch and clean all of those locks?

Open your locker with your wearable

The Metra Smart Locking Solution with Genuine HID Technology™ allows organizations to leverage their existing HID™ credentials not only for access control, but also for smart building tech. – Aiding in the move them toward a connected environment built around mobility.

Organizations with any HID™ access control (iCLASS, Seos, Prox, Indala, etc.), can easily extend their access security level to their smart lockers. An employee can use existing HID™ access card/fob or a HID Mobile Access™ app, to access the building and to unlock a permanent, assigned and/or activity-based, agile locker.

Open your locker with your smart phone or device

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