Smart Lockers

Smart Locker Network for Convenience And Cost Savings


Revolutionizing Workplace Workflow Management

The Smart Locker Management System is a state-of-the-art, end-to-end customizable solution that enables the complete management and control of secure locker enclosures in accordance with defined workflow and operational practices.  Smart Lockers help ease mail center congestion and improve the process of parcel delivery and distribution.

With Smart Lockers, a mail management team no longer needs a time specific, one-to-one procedure for distributing packages to employees. Packages can be placed securely into a Smart Locker compartment and the system will notify the recipient for secure pick up and log delivery information for auditing purposes.

Smart Locker Storage Benefits

  • 24/7 access for convenient parcel pick-up — no signature required
  • Email and text alerts immediately notify customers after their packages have been delivered
  • Reduction in lost packages
  • Better security
  • Accountability

Let’s face it, when September rolls around, the care packages, books, and all the other items that are shipped to students jump exponentially. Whether it’s delivered through Amazon, Federal Express, UPS or the USPS, these packages need to arrive in a sorting area where students can pick up conveniently. Modern workplaces still require central mailroom areas and/or pick up stations for their staff to receive internal or external packages.  So no matter the location, whether it be a University or NYC office building, a storage solution needs to be in place that allows staff and students alike to pick up a package in a secure and efficient manner with accountability for deliveries received.

New York City, the five boroughs and New Jersey all have large concierge based condominium and co-operative buildings. Residents want convenient ways to receive packages in a secure way after hours. This is a great opportunity for Building Managers to provide additional top quality services and beat out other building owners for top tenants.  Intelligent courier locker systems are meeting the new market demand for better delivery/pick up options without costing management companies more money in manpower. And that’s just on the residential.

“Choice and flexibility” is what consumers want today. Bosses want accountability. Employees want to know they are not missing important packages just because they are out for a day, especially in this world of “hoteling”. So look to Smart Lockers for a way to deliver, receive and remain accountable for all packages whether it is in a University/College setting, a residential building, a supermarket or most importantly, in the busy corporate environment. The intelligent locker gets rid of the need to have something hand delivered and automatically registers the pick up by the end user. How? Call and we can prepare a solution specific to your needs. It’s simple, efficient and time saving


Smart Locker System For Your Environment

Our promise at Modern Office Systems is to provide you with the most efficient and cost effective smart locker storage system that works for you and your budget. The smart locker layout will be designed specifically for your environment and your space based on our joint assessment of your needs. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” solution. Let our knowledgeable Smart Locker consultants work with you to layout a locker solution that meets and exceeds your expectations. 



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